Denver Nuggets management continues to seem less and less inclined to pull the trigger on the four-team deal that would land Carmelo Anthony in New Jersey.

While the deal appeared nearly done on Friday night, the team reportedly spent the weekend exploring other trade options including Philadelphia and Golden State, reports.

The Nuggets were looking for Stephen Curry as the centerpiece of the return package from the Warriors, but the talks lead to nothing substantial.

The negotiations with Philadelphia, involving Andre Iguodala, progressed a bit further, but Anthony has not expressed interest in signing an extension with the 76ers, a requirement for any team looking to acquire him.

The Nuggets and Anthony were also hoping that Chicago and New York would swoop in with last minute offers — or at least to bid up the Nets — but those deals appear to be dead.

Denver may opt to make a final effort to convince Carmelo to stay at training camp through voices like George Karl and Chauncey Billups, but Anthony seems to have made up his mind that he wants out.

Even as the New Jersey deal appears stagnant, sources claim that it is still the likely outcome. Carmelo wants to go there, and the Nuggets would get two first-round picks, an elite young player and a veteran with an expiring contract in return.

As has been the mantra surrounding the Anthony situation for some time, it appears to be a matter of when, not a matter of if.