The four-team Carmelo Anthony trade in which the New Jersey Nets received the superstar appeared to be nearly a done deal on Friday.

Two days later though, negotiations have seemingly only moved backwards. The previous terms of the trade, which included DJ Augustin, have now been modified to omit the Charlotte Bobcats point guard, and that may be the least of the issues, the New York Post reports.

Nuggets management, which is in its first offseason since the team's shakeup, is simply becoming more skittish about trading their superstar as the reality of such becomes nearer. The inexperienced group of executives may also be suffering from a case of "too many voices."

Additionally, they may be attempting to get the Bulls back involved, perhaps to create a bidding war between Chicago and New Jersey. Joakim Noah, the commodity that Denver prizes as the centerpiece of the return package from the Bulls, still doesn't seem to be available.

A conclusion to the proceedings will likely come early next week when the league offices are again open.