The New York Jets' week — perhaps month — of talk leading up to their Monday night offensive clinic against Baltimore didn't exactly work out.

They set new records for futility on offense in their 10-9 home opener, but that won't stop Rex Ryan from continuing to talk a big game.

As expected, Ryan is again starting off his preparations for his week two matchup against the New England Patriots by hyping up his team and calling out his opponents.

This time, his target was Randy Moss.

"There’s only one guy in this league that can cover Randy Moss," Rex Ryan told The New York Daily News. "And that’s Darrelle Revis. Nobody else."

"I don’t know about that," Ryan continued. "Randy Moss beats you for touchdowns. Randy Moss is a stud. Him and Chad Johnson, you better double them. Well, we don’t have to. That’s what Revis brings for us."

Revis successfully shut down Moss in both clashes in 2009.