Snoop Dogg Reaches Out to Mark Zuckerberg About Buying Sports Team


September 25, 2010

The Jay-Z-Mikhail Prokhorov combination seems poised to bring Carmelo Anthony to the Garden State.

There may soon be another rapper-billionaire combination looking to emulate such success. Snoop Dogg reached out to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday night via Twitter about potentially purchasing a team together.

"Ayo sumbody tell Zuckerberg to holler at me. He n I need go buy a pro sports team tgether," Dogg said.

"Apparently @snoopdogg is trying to get in touch with my brother so they can buy a sports team together. LOL," responded Zuckerberg's sister Randi — who is also his marketing manager.

"Yes! @randizuckerberg that is the truth! Wanna do it betta n bigger than itz ever been done!" Snoop volleyed back.

The two even started suggesting team names.

"It's official. @snoopdogg is my hero. Snoop, what will the team name be? The Mighty Nerds? Save me some box seats!" Zuckerberg joked.

Snoop is a renowned fan of all Los Angeles sports teams, particularly USC football. Unfortunately, you can't buy college teams — not even USC.

It remains to be seen whether Dogg and Zuckerberg actually move forward with the venture.

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