Test Your Knowledge of Bill Belichick's Assistants Bill Belichick has mentored many future NFL head coaches — six to be exact. After coaching under Belichick, Jim Schwartz, Josh McDaniels, Romeo Crennell, Al Groh, Eric Mangini and Nick Saban have gone on to coach other teams.

Saban, of course, is more famous for his college exploits, and he's definitely not the only coach mentored by Belichick to make his name in the NCAA. Kirt Ferentz of Iowa and Pat Hill of Fresno State have also established strong programs at their respective institutions since parting ways with Belichick.

Belichick even has a way of getting GMs such as Mike Tannenbaum and Scott Pioli jobs.

But who left the Patriots to become head coach of the Cleveland Browns in 2004?

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