Josh McCown, Hartford Colonials Roll Over Daunte Culpepper’s Sacramento Mountain Lions


Josh McCown, Hartford Colonials Roll Over Daunte Culpepper's Sacramento Mountain LionsFinal, Hartford 27-10: Daunte Culpepper takes a sack on the last play of the game.

Hartford dominated Sacramento throughout the game. Josh McCown, Ryan Perrilloux, and Jason Cherry and looked in top form.

Culpepper was lost for the entire first half. Once he remembered how to throw a ball, it was too late for the Mountain Lions.

4th quarter, 1:10, Hartford 27-10: After the two minute warning, the Colonials run the ball and let the time run off the clock.

4th quarter, 2:50, Hartford 27-10: Wright runs the ball for 18 yards. Hartford first down.

4th quarter, 4:20, Hartford 27-10: The Colonials are running the ball with ease, Booker runs for 11 yards and a first down.

4th quarter, 6:20, Hartford 27-10: Sacramento have used all of their time outs. Hartford coverts on third and long. Hartford first down at the 50 yard line.

4th quarter, 7:40, Hartford 27-10: Culpepper connects with West in the endzone for a touchdown! The extra point is good.

4th quarter, 8:20, Hartford 27-3: After a 27 yard screen play, Culpepper connects with Biddle at the 5 yard line. First and goal.

4th quarter, 9:40, Hartford 27-3: Culpepper completes two passes for back to back first downs.

4th quarter, 11:20, Hartford 27-3: The Mountain Lions start their drive with three ineffective running plays. On fourth and 1 Culpepper takes the ball himself and pushes ahead for the third down.

4th quarter, 13:40, Hartford 27-3: After running the ball effectively the Colonials decide to throw it on third and 2 and the pass is incomplete. After the punt the Mountain Lions will have the ball around their own 30 yard line.

3rd quarter, 0:00, Hartford 27-3: The Colonials let the clock run down and the third quarter is now over. 

3rd quarter, 1:20, Hartford 27-3: Culpepper is unable to connect on third and 10. The Mountain Lions elect to punt the ball. Good punt coverage forces the Colonials to start their drive at their own 1 yard line.

3rd quarter, 3:48, Hartford 27-3: Perrilloux is unable to convert on third down this time. The Mountain Lions return the ball to about their own 30.

3rd quarter, 4:30, Hartford 27-3: Perrilloux converts on third down for the Colonials. First down at their own 45 yard line.

3rd quarter, 6:40, Hartford 27-3: Culpepper stumbles and throws incomplete at the 3 yard line. The Mountain Lions connect on a 21 yard field goal. 

3rd quarter, 8:00, Hartford 27-0: Culpepper converts on third down. Mountain Lions first and goal on the 7 yard line.

3rd quarter, 11:10, Hartford 27-0: Culpepper completes four passes in a row. Sacramento is at the Hartford 22 yard line.

3rd quarter, 14:08, Hartford 27-0:  Hartford Touchdown! Lorenzo Booker catches a short pass from McCown and takes it 80 yards into the endzone. The extra point is good.

2nd quarter, 0:00, Hartford 20-0: The Colonials run the clock out with Booker. The first half was totally controlled by the Colonials, the offense is clicking and the defense has Culpeper looking lost. The half is now over.

2nd quarter, 1:10, Hartford 20-0: Culpepper throws an interception to Colonials’ Ryan Glasper. Colonials get the ball at their own 30.

2nd quarter, 1:45, Hartford 20-0: Colonials are forced to punt after McCown throws an incomplete pass. Mountain Lions call for a fair catch at their own 20 yard line.

2nd quarter, 2:00, Hartford 20-0: Josh McCown is back in the game. Play is stopped at the two minute warning.

2nd quarter, 5:00, Hartford 20-0: Perrilloux leads the Colonials to the four yard line, but the Mountain Lions stop them there. Two runs by Booker are ineffective. 20 yard field goal is good.

2nd quarter, 7:15, Hartford 17-0: Tom Malone punt blocked. Ball is recovered by McDuffy. Colonials have the ball at the Mountain Lions 20 yard line. 

2nd quarter, 8:27, Hartford 17-0: Mountain Lions begin drive at their own 22.

2nd quarter, 8:34, Hartford 17-0: Josh McCown launches 59 yard TD bomb to Jason Cherry. Extra point is good.

2nd quarter, 9:48:, Hartford 10-0: Three and out. The Mountain Lions punt. Illegal block on return, Colonials first down in their own territory.

2nd quarter, 11:32, Hartford 10-0: Hartford Colonials kick field goal.

1st quarter, 0:00, Hartford 7-0: Hartford’s Lorenzo Booker nets a 13-yard run leftside at the end of the 1st quarter, but a holding penalty on Ronnie Ghent brings the ball back. Regardless, the first quarter has been all Hartford and the momentum is theirs heading into the 2nd quarter.

1st quarter, 3:58, Hartford 7-0: Culpepper nets 6 yards with his feet on 2nd down, but 0 years with his arm on 3rd down. His throw on 3rd hits heavy coverage led by Hartford CB Kyle Whitehurst. Sacramento is forced to punt.

1st quarter, 5:24, Hartford 7-0: Perrilloux’s first UFL pass is about 10 feet above his intended receiver, Patrick Carver. Sacramento gets its first three-and-out and Hartford punts to the Mountain Lions’ 37.

1st quarter, 7:07, Hartford 7-0: Culpepper misses again on 3rd down, this time to tight end Darrell Strong. Ryan Perrilloux is now in for the Colonials.

1st quarter, 9:17, Hartford 7-0: Josh McCown fires to Markee White on 3rd-and-goal, and White lays out for an end zone catch. So far, Hartford has moved downfield at will, while Culpepper has faced difficulty with a strong Colonials secondary.

1st quarter, 10:41, 0-0: On 3rd-and-28, Culpepper attempts a long pass to no effect, leading to a 39-yard punt and a first down for Hartford near Sacramento territory.

1st quarter, 11:53, 0-0: Hartford goes it on 4th-and-1 on the Sacramento 28, but Sacramento stuffs the power effort and gets the turnover on downs.

1st quarter, 13:05, 0-0: The Colonials force Sacramento into a three-and-out and now have the ball at the Sacramento 40.

8 a.m.: New England will get its first look at the newest pro sports team in the region when the Hartford Colonials take the field in season opener for the United Football League.

The Colonials, formerly the New York Sentinels, will kick off the UFL’s second season when they take on the Sacramento Mountain Lions.

Football fans will recognize some familiar faces as well. Former NFL quarterback Daunte Culpepper will start for the Mountain Lions. Dennis Green, who coached Culpepper in Minnesota, is the Sacramento coach and GM. Former UMass running back Steve Baylark is also on the Sacramento roster.

Former NFL quarterback Josh McCown has been named the starting quarterback for Hartford. Former UConn Huskies running back Andre Dixon will share a backfield with McCown.

Kickoff is slated for 2:30 p.m. Check all day for updates from Rentschler Field and tune in as NESN will broadcast the season opener as well.

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