What Is Biggest Issue Facing Bruins This Preseason?


What Is Biggest Issue Facing Bruins This Preseason? The season can't start soon enough for everybody in Bruins Nation. The team's outlook seems highly promising, and everybody wants nothing more than to pave over the memory of last season's playoff exit.

Before the season starts, though, there are many issues for the team to deal with, and preseason will hopefully bring resolution.

To some extent, goaltending is still a question mark for the Bruins. Is Tim Thomas fully recovered from surgery? Can he regain his form from two seasons ago and possibly win back the starting job from Tuukka Rask?

The defense has been dependable of late for Boston. It was the league's top unit last year, but can the D-men continue their success this year? Will Zdeno Chara get the contract extension that he's been seeking?

On offense, the team struggled to score goals this past year, but the star power is certainly present. The play of Marc Savard and Tyler Seguin will be major determinants of such.

The Savard trade rumors — and now concussion recovery issues — have dominated the headlines of late, and his future surely seems to be up in the air.

Seguin, of course, has brought great hope for the Bruins' future, but stars often aren't born overnight. Sometimes, players need time. Sometimes, they are immediately Sidney Crosby. It remains to be seen which mold Seguin will fit, but the preseason may give us a clue.

So, what do you think is the biggest issue facing the Boston Bruins this preseason?

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