Which Exiting Manager Made the Greatest Impact on Baseball?


Which Exiting Manager Made the Greatest Impact on Baseball? They have compiled 13 pennants, seven World Series Titles and over 5000 wins between the three of them, but those tallies will come to a halt on Sunday with the retirements of Bobby Cox, Joe Torre and Cito Gaston.

Gaston achieved something in his stint as manager that seems almost impossible in the year 2010 — he won multiple World Series in Toronto. The Tampa Bay Rays may not have existed in 1992 and 1993 when he achieved such, and the Yankees and Red Sox weren't at their best as franchises, but Gaston managed truly great teams, and was part of one of the greatest moments in World Series history — Joe Carter's walkoff.

He, though, isn't the only Toronto Blue Jays manager to be leaving baseball this season. Bobby Cox managed in Canada from 1982 to 1985, when he was still in his mid-40s. The long-time Braves manager has set all sorts of records, but perhaps none is as notable as his career ejections mark. He's also won five pennants and championship, and ranks fourth all times in career wins.

The man right behind him on that list, Joe Torre, also managed the Atlanta Braves — in addition to stints with the Cardinals, Dodgers, Mets and, of course, the Yankees. Torre won four World Series and six pennants while reigning over New York's late 1990s dynasty. He may be retiring, but the door still doesn't seem totally closed on his career. We still may see more from Joe.

So, who do you think made the greatest impact on baseball?

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