Will Orioles Get Back Into Contention During Buck Showalter's Tenure As Manager? Despite being the worst team in the American League this season, the Orioles have to be feeling somewhat good about themselves these days and many believe it's all thanks to their new manager, Buck Showalter.

The O's rattled off a 17-10 record in August — their first winning month since 1997. It was that season, over a decade ago, that the Orioles last made the postseason. Unfortunately, the O's were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention already, so the Birds won't be playing any baseball after Oct. 3.

Showalter's team even managed a pair of four-game winning streaks during the month. By comparison, the Red Sox have managed just one four-game winning streak since mid-June.

But how long will the O's magic last? He's already the club's third manager this season, and embedded in the same division as the Sox, Yankees and Rays (heck, even the Blue Jays), Baltimore's future doesn't necessarily seem very bright.

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