Boise State, Oregon Poised to Take Top Spots in First 2010 BCS Standings, Favorites for Title Game Ohio State's loss to Wisconsin on Saturday made the 2010 BCS puzzle just a little bit simpler — not that it now makes any sense.

In the first set of rankings, which are to be released on ESPN on Sunday night, either Boise State or Oregon will be the top team in the nation. Even though Oregon has taken over the top spot in the AP and USA Today polls, the Broncos projected earlier this week to be ahead of Oregon in the BCS rankings, according to ESPN. This, though, may change with Oregon's top ranking.

After Oregon and Boise State, Oklahoma, TCU, and Auburn will likely round out the top five in the rankings, but which teams actually have the best chance to play in the BCS Title Game?

Some teams have far easier roads to such than others.

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