Bruins Fans Have Opportunity to Write Next Rule for Bear Commercial


Think you have what it takes to write the next “Bruins Hockey Rules” commercial?

Now, Bruins fans have the opportunity to control that hilarious bear by entering the “Bruins Hockey Rule” contest for the popular commercial series.

Come up with a rule and script your own ending to the commercial. Once you come up with your rule, post it on the website and have your friends and family vote to boost your rule to the top rankings.

The rule that is receives the highest rating on the website will be the winner.

The winning rule will be made into a commercial that will be shown for the rest of the season on channels NESN and Garden HDX.

The most popular rules so far include:

  • Shoot the puck, not the bear.
  • Leave the play-by-play to Jack.
  • In Boston, the Bear hunts you.
  • Talk a big game? Better stand behind some thicker glass.

If you want more ideas to help guide you in customizing your own rule visit our Top 10 Bruins Hockey Rules.

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