Business Insider Adds Sports Section With Money and Industry Focus to Website

Business Insider must have been listening to LeBron James and Chris Bosh during the 2010 NBA free agency circus.

Both players explained that the business side of sports played a big role in why they decided to take their talents to South Beach.

"People have to look at it as a business," Bosh said in an interview with Sports Illustrated back in August. "Fans get very wrapped around it because it's a sport. And sports are a little different but they're businesses first and that's how we have to choose sometimes."

Business Insider made the official introduction of 'The Sports Page' on Wednesday, adding to the extensive business coverage on their website.  They will take a different approach than your everyday sports page, analyzing the business aspect of the latest sports' headlines across the four professional leagues in the United States.

"Looking at [sports] through the prism of money and industry," the introductory news release states. "You cannot be a sports fan in the modern age without at least a passing knowledge of the economics of your favorite games and leagues. And true fanatics know that signing bonuses and cap numbers are statistics just as vital to understanding any game as touchdowns and batting average."

'The Sports Page' has individual sections devoted to the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL as well as College Sports and the NCAA. Much of their sports coverage currently on the website has been posted in the past, but now will be aggregated under one collective sports section.

The Business Insider is defined as an outlet for broad business coverage and vertical industry exposure with edgy commentary.

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