Butler Beats Pleasure Ridge Park 42-41 on Unbelievable ‘Stanford-Cal’ Style Finish


October 19, 2010

There were just two seconds between Pleasure Park Ridge and a 41-34 victory over Butler. All they had to do was survive a kickoff.

They didn't.

Butler lateraled the ball over and over again, and desperately coughed it up after being tackled on multiple occasions until the players spilled onto the field thinking the game had ended. In the midst of the confusion, they managed to take the ball into the endzone.

The referees conferenced for a matter of minutes before letting the play stand, and Butler thereafter finished the comeback with a two-point conversion for the win.

"It was just unbelievable. Lucky? We'll take all the luck we can get any day of the week," said coach Scott Carmony.

See the footage below.

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