Can Danny Woodhead Maintain Production Level for Patriots?


Can Danny Woodhead Maintain Production Level for Patriots? For a guy who was unemployed just one month ago, Danny Woodhead has turned into quite the dependable option for the Patriots since they picked him up on Sept. 18.

Woodhead has been nothing short of incredible in his three games with the Patriots thus far, admirably filling the void left by an injured Kevin Faulk. Even quarterback Tom Brady has taken notice, calling him a "great surprise," and saying he was "exactly what the team was looking for."

Of course, it's difficult to fill the shoes of the veteran Faulk, but the 5-foot-9 (that's his listed height, at least) third-year player out of Chadron State has been getting the job done. Now the question remains: Can he keep it up?

After being waived by the Jets, no one was expecting this running back to explode out of the gates for the Patriots, but explode he did. He rushed for 42 yards with a touchdown in his first appearance against the Bills and followed up with a 36-yard rush coupled with an 11-yard touchdown reception in Miami. He was at his best on Sunday, with his 52 receiving yards and 63 rushing yards against the Ravens, helping the Pats toward a late surge against the foes from Baltimore.

What's great about Woodhead is that he's developed into a double-edged option for New England, taking on running and receiving responsibilities. That makes him more difficult to target as the opponent won't know which role he's running next. He also showed Sunday an improvement in his blitz pickup.

However, with his mounting success comes attention, and the target on his back has grown a bit, considering his continued achievements with the Patriots. With so many options on the Pats offense, it was easy to look over Woodhead before, but it's only a matter of time before opposing teams catch on to the Pats' secrets to success.

Danny Woodhead: Jets castoff turned Patriots sleeper hit, but how long can it last?

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