Deanna Favre Appears on ‘Good Morning America,’ Claiming ‘Faith’ Will Help Her


Deanna Favre Appears on 'Good Morning America,' Claiming 'Faith' Will Help Her What do you do when your husband, who happens to be a star NFL quarterback, allegedly sends inappropriate photos, voicemails and MySpace messages to a woman famous for wearing skimpy clothes and cowboy hats?

For Deanna Favre, the answer is to turn to the The Bible.

The wife of ol’ gunslinger Brett Favre appered Wednesday morning on Good Morning America (boring video available here), and just like Brett, she did not deny any of the allegations. She did, however, invoke the power of faith.

“Obviously, I’m a woman of faith, and faith has gotten me through many difficult struggles and it will get me through this one,” Deanna told Robin Roberts. “I’m handling this through faith.”

So while Brett has his hands full with the Packers, Deanna has her hands full with faith.

Those Favres sure know how to handle things.

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Deanna Favre Appears on 'Good Morning America,' Claiming 'Faith' Will Help Her

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