How Well Do You Know the 2011 Class of Free-Agent Outfielders?


How Well Do You Know the 2011 Class of Free-Agent Outfielders? The upcoming class of free-agent outfielders is one of the best in recent memory as future Hall of Famers Manny Ramirez and Vladimir Guerrero will hit the market along with All Stars in their prime like Jayson Werth and Carl Crawford.

 For teams looking for power, Werth and Guerrero could certainly help, but how about Jose Guillen or Hideki Matsui? Maybe Adam Dunn could be coaxed into returning to left field as well.

Does your team need speed? Crawford would obviously be of most use, but how about Scott Podsednik? Johnny Damon is available too, and might still have enough left in his wheels to swipe 20 bags yet again.

If you’re a team looking to save some cash and go for platoon players, Xavier Nady, Andruw Jones and Marcus Thames might be right up your alley.

And of course, if you want to assure yourself a spot in the post-season, you could always sign Eric Hinske. After all, the former Red Sox outfielder has taken four different teams to the playoffs over the past four seasons.

October baseball might seem like a rite of passage to Hinske, but do you know which free-agent outfielder is the active leader in games played without a postseason appearance?

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