Karlos Dansby Worried About Stopping Tom Brady, Unsure Who Dolphins’ Punter Is


Karlos Dansby is apparently so focused on defense that he just doesn't have time to think about special teams.

Miami's Pro Bowl acquisition talked to WQAM in anticipation of Monday's matchup with the Patriots, and while he had a lot to say about his coach and AFC East rivals, he wasn't sure who was kicking what for his team, according to SportsRadioInterviews.com.

When asked about the team's punting, his conversation went like this:

Dansby: "You talking about Carpenter?"

WQAM: "No, he?s the kicker, who?s the punter?"

Dansby: "Oh you?re talking about Brian … damn, what?s his last name, man?"

WQAM: "It?s Brandon Fields, I think."

Dansby: "Right, yeah, Brandon Fields. There it is."

Dansby feels as though the team is well-prepared for the pivotal Patriots game but stopping Tom Brady will still be tough.

"We?ve just got to execute. If we?re not great here, we?ve got to execute those guys. Those guys are efficient and they?re going to take shots. Tom Brady knows exactly where he wants to go with the ball. We?ve just got to be efficient and execute. If we execute, we can have a great outing as a team," he explained.

As for Week 3 opponent Mark Sanchez, it was unclear whether or not Dansby was complimenting or underhandedly insulting him.

"He?s pretty good," Dansby said. "For him to recognize when we made mistakes and wasn?t playing with great techniques, he made some great throws. You can?t take nothing away from the guy. He played well that day."

Dansby, though, was clear in his praise of head coach Tony Sparano, who's already changed the atmosphere in Miami after the team fell to 2-1.

"It totally changes. It already changed. One loss already changed everything," Dansby said. "Sparano has always been a hard ass. It?s Sparano, that?s what you?re going to get. … That?s just what he is. He?s going to ride your ass regardless if you win or lose. I respect that. I like that kind of characteristic in a man, especially if I?m playing for him. I?ll do whatever Coach Sparano asks me to do out there."

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