Kevin Youkilis Back in His Normal Routine, Ready for Spring Training The 2010 MLB season hasn't officially ended yet, but for Red Sox fans, it's time to look toward the future.

And one of the most important factors to that future is already excited for spring training. First baseman Kevin Youkilis met up with NESN Daily co-host Jade McCarthy this week, and had a very positive outlook on his recent recovery from hand surgery.

"I feel great," Youkilis said. "I've been hitting, throwing and basically I'm done with my physical therapy. It's great, I'm ready for spring training to start and basically excited to play another game."

When asked about predictions for the World Series, Youk said he had to side with the San Francisco Giants since his brother lives in San Francisco. When it comes to fall ball this season, however, Youkilis is all about watching football.

"I'm enjoying the offseason as much as I can," he said. "I've been watching a lot of football."

To hear all the updates from Youk, check out the video from NESN Daily below.