Laurence Maroney Gains National Attention for Lousy Performance


October 4, 2010

Laurence Maroney Gains National Attention for Lousy Performance While football fans in New England don't think much of running back Laurence Maroney, the rest of the country is now getting an idea, thanks to Sports Illustrated's Peter King.

In his weekly "Monday Morning Quarterback" column, King singled out Maroney as one of things he didn't like about Week 4.

"Nomination for worst game of the week by a player on a winning team: Laurence Maroney, running back, Denver," King wrote. "Incredible that the Broncos paid a fourth-round pick, in part, to acquire this back who can't make something from anything but big holes. His day at Tennessee: Eleven carries for five yards, two receptions for 10 yards."

The 2006 first-round pick underwhelmed in his four seasons in New England, prompting a trade to Denver after Maroney was not active for the Patriots' season opener. The thought was that perhaps Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels, who was Maroney's offensive coordinator in New England, could maximize his talent.

McDaniels couldn't maximize much on Sunday, but Maroney did contribute a week earlier with two catches for 40 yards. He still wasn't much of a help as a running back that week, picking up 24 yards on 12 carries. He's now averaging 1.3 yards per carry.

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