LeBron James’ Nike Commercial, Latest Tweets More Proof He Just Doesn’t Get It


Oct 25, 2010

LeBron James' Nike Commercial, Latest Tweets More Proof He Just Doesn't Get It LeBron James is confused, and he wants your help. What should he do?

That's the question King James ponders in his latest Nike commercial. The entire commercial centers around just one question LeBron wants to ask: "What should I do?"

Make no mistake about it. LeBron is coming after people like me in this new spot. He's coming after people like you. He's coming after those who doubt him, those who didn't like his "Decision," the city of Cleveland, NBA legends and on and on. Quite simply, he's coming after everyone.

From a production standpoint, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better commercial. That shouldn't come as a surprise, though, as LeBron's career as of late has been just one big production.

The Decision was a production. His introduction to Miami was also a production.

LeBron is out to settle a score with the general public and this commercial is just the most recent example of that. He takes shots at all of the doubters. He takes shots at some of his mentors. He tries to remind everyone that's he's been down this road before.

What he really may be doing, though, is trying to cope with all of the support he has seemingly lost in the past few months. Simply put, it seems like LeBron is feeling betrayed.

No matter what he's done, he feels he can't win. Once on top of the sports world, LeBron is now, as he points out in the commercial, a villain.

So now, he's produced something to more or less tell you, me and everyone else that he doesn't really care what you think. He poses the sarcastic question about what you and I think he should do throughout. The answer, LeBron, is anything from sarcastic — just shut it and play basketball.

If he wanted to do a commercial so badly, do one reminding everyone of what you really are, first and foremost — a helluva basketball player, maybe the best.

That's what LeBron James seemingly does not get. His game is marketable enough. His skills are undeniable. He has a strong chance to be the best player on the best team in the NBA this season. Shouldn't that be enough?

His talents on the basketball court should be his vindication, but LeBron is apparently trying to use things like this commercial as his own personal vindication. Don't believe it? Check out LeBron's personal Twitter page.

For whatever reason, LeBron has decided to re-Tweet compliments he's gotten from his various followers for the rest of the world to see that there are indeed some people who are sympathetic to the King.

If LeBron keeps on handling things like he is with this new commercial, it may not be too long before he starts realizing how many people are actually apathetic to his problems.

If that were to happen, then what would he do?

Photo credit: YouTube screengrab

Is this another error in judgment by LeBron James? Share your thoughts below.

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