Apparently, Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson thinks he'll fare better than Grady Little.

Hodgson told reporters that he thinks the Reds' 2-1 victory this weekend against Blackburn will impress Liverpoool's new ownership led by John Henry and NESV and that it may in fact spare Hodgson from the chopping block, something the ex-Red Sox skipper Little couldn't avoid a year after NESV took over the Red Sox.

Following a poor performance the week before, LFC came out and looked like a totally different team on Sunday and while Hodgson may not totally be off the hot seat, it's safe to assume he's still feeling some pressure.

"Mass media talk these days, say 'Lose two games and let's sack the coach and start all over again,'" Hodgson said. "I divorce myself from all of that, it is not something I feel among the players or staff."

With LFC's win on Sunday, it seems that Hodgson believes he may have bought himself some time, though. While illness kept Henry from traveling to Anfield, members of the new ownership group were in attendance.

"There were a lot of people here from the organization here so I'm pretty sure [Henry's] phone was buzzing and he'll be pretty happy with the performance."

Hodgson also commented on the fact that he anticipates some patience on the part of the new owners.

"I'm not certain the people here (NESV) have that type of mindset — they are top sportspeople. They took over the Boston Red Sox, who weren't doing very well, and turned them into a champion team."

Hopefully, for Hodgson's sake, he uses the story of Grady Little as a cautionary tale before getting too comfortable leading the Reds.