Mike Milbury Looking for Questions From Hockey Fans to Answer on 'The Instigators' The NHL season is under way ,and Mike Milbury, host of The Instigators, is looking for fans to instigate some discussion.

The former Bruin and current NESN Bruins analyst is hosting the third season of The Instigators this year and will be answering one question each week from NESN.com readers. Fans are encouraged to leave questions in the comments section below — and in typical Milbury fashion, to do so with the gloves off.

Fans looking to “Get Instigated” will be able to leave a question on NESN.com every Wednesday, and Milbury will handpick each question to be discussed on the show each Thursday night at 10:30 p.m. ET.

Topics can range from latest Bruins news to anything happening in the hockey world.

Mike Milbury and his guests will answer one question from a fan during every Instigators episode on NESN this season. Leave your question in the comments section below, and watch The Instigators to see if Milbury and the panel answer it on the show.