Paul Pierce, Celtics Get in Full Spirit of Halloween With Some Interesting Costumes (Photos) The Celtics are widely accepted as one of the best teams in the NBA, but they're also quickly becoming one of the funnier teams in not only basketball, but all of sports.

Their Halloween party is the latest proof of that. Thanks to the wonder that is Twitter, Celtics fans were given an inside peak at a Halloween party. Captain Paul Pierce was kind of enough to upload some of the best pictures from the gathering to his Twitter account.

"The Truth" also refers to one of the photos as having a special guest appearance by someone he refers to as "Big Papi." Is the masked man David Ortiz? You be the judge.

Noticeably absent from the party, though, was Shaquille O'Neal. That's probably because the Diesel, under his new alias, "Shaqeeta" was cruising the streets of Boston singing some tunes and looking for some fun.

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