Randy Moss ascended the stage in Eden Prairie, Minn., on Thursday, Oct. 7, speaking to the media for about 15 minutes and refusing to talk about his rocky past in the North Star State.

Since then, he's been unwilling to talk about anything.

The superstar wideout was never the most talkative guy in New England — at least not to the media — but he still popped into the news conference room from time to time. You may actually remember at least one in particular.

Yet, in Minnesota, he's been quiet — so much so that he may be in violation of NFL standards.

ProFootballTalk.com asked league spokesman Greg Aiello about Moss' three-week media boycott.

"[Players] are expected to cooperate with the media following each game and during the practice week," Aiello told PFT. "We are looking into this."

As the website points out, Terrell Owens was reminded of responsibilities last year when he went on a boycott of his own, claiming the media was trying to bait him into criticising his coach and quarterback. And in T.O.'s defense, he was right.

For Moss, it's a bit different, as he was lobbed softball questions at his reintroduction to the Minnesota media.

The fact that there might be a few people at Gillette Stadium this weekend who might want to talk to him might expedite the process for Aiello and the league.

Everyone might just have to wait until Moss opens up another invisible bank.