‘Claws and Antlers’ Craziness Heading to ALCS As Rangers Ride Own Version of Rally Monkey

by abournenesn

October 13, 2010

'Claws and Antlers' Craziness Heading to ALCS As Rangers Ride Own Version of Rally Monkey The Yankees are in for an unpleasant surprise when they get to Texas on Friday.

The Texas Rangers’ “claws and antlers” fad has evolved into this year’s Rally Monkey and Rangers players and fans are taking the craziness to the ALCS.

“It’s amazing,” Rangers center fielder Julio Borbon told the Star-Telegram earlier this season. “It’s so big for us as far as our team chemistry just being able to enjoy being around each other and supporting each other.”

A “claw” is done when a Texas player does something positive offensively. He’ll acknowledge the feat by producing a “claw” which is made with fingers slightly curled and an arm extended in a rising swoop.

“Antlers,” on the other hand, are produced when a player does something speed-related. This signal is done by placing spread-out heads beside ones head.

“Because when a deer gets going that’s what you look like when you run all the way from first to third and then beat out a throw at the plate,” Borbon said.

But where did these signals originate? The “claw” can be traced to Rangers utility man Esteban German, who started the hand signal in Triple-A Oklahoma City last season as “a long-distance high-five” for a guy who just got a hit.

As for “antlers,” legend has it that Josh Hamilton shot a 10-point buck while bow-and-arrow hunting a few months back. You want proof? Look above his locker.

Check out some “claws and antlers” photos by clicking here >>

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