Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins Turn to Dr. Thomas Gill for Injury Needs When a professional athlete in New England goes down with a knee injury, they immediately turn to Dr. Thomas Gill.

Dr. Gill serves as the medical director to the Red Sox and Patriots and also works with the Bruins. When it comes to knee injuries — an incident that is all too common in the world of sports — Boston athletes depend on Dr. Gill to help them through.

Along with his medical associates, Dr. Gill is working with the latest technologies to improve the surgical and recovery processes associated with knee injuries. His latest development involves testing his methods on a robotic arm before bringing the procedure into the operating room.

His methods have helped such athletes as Tom Brady and Wes Welker return to the field in record time without sacrificing their quality of life beyond their career.

“It’s not science fiction,” Dr. Gill said. “It’s very real.”

To hear more about Dr. Gill’s work with New England’s favorite athletes, check out the video below from Shining City.