Report: Brad Childress ‘Leaning Toward’ Sitting Brett Favre in Favor of Tarvaris Jackson


October 29, 2010

At this point, it seems like Brett Favre wouldn't let being in a wheelchair prevent him from taking the field. The ol' gunslinger just wants to sling 'em, injuries be damned.

Fortunately for the Vikings, they have a head coach whose interests extend beyond the desires of his 41-year-old quarterback, and that head coach is reportedly considering telling Favre to take a seat.

Brad Childress is "leaning toward" starting Tarvaris Jackson over Favre on Sunday in New England, sources told the Star Tribune of Minneapolis.

It's newsworthy for a couple of reasons, with the biggest being Childress showing some control over Favre. When asked Wednesday if he'd like to have some say on whether he got to play, Favre lobbied for some power.

"No one knows your body like you know it. No one knows how much it will hinder you," Favre said. "I will be honest with myself, as well as Brad, when that time comes. … He's the head coach. He makes those decisions, but I would think that it would be an open dialogue."

If Childress does decide to sit Favre, it will end the quarterback's regular-season consecutive games streak at 291. Peyton Manning is the only player threatening that record at 198, but he'll need to stay healthy and effective for five more full seasons to start reaching Favre territory.

Of course, Favre could show up to practice on Friday and tell everyone he's feeling swell. As always with No. 4, we'll all have to stay tuned.

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