Maria Sharapova, Sasha Vujacic Become Latest, Greatest Sports CoupleKhloe Kardashian isn’t going to look any better this season at the Staples Center.

That’s because the reality show star, and wife of Lakers forward Lamar Odom, is now going to have to compete with tennis star and model Maria Sharapova courtside this season, as Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic proposed to the 23-year-old Russian beauty. 

The proposal came last Thursday before a preseason game against the Golden State Warriors, after about a year of dating.

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Maria Sharapova, Sasha Vujacic Become Latest, Greatest Sports Couple

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“I have come to the decision that I cannot and will not let the league office stop me from playing the game that I love.”
–James Harrison, upon returning to Steelers’ practice following his one-day leave of absence and $75,000 fine

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Tim Thomas has been called many things. “Artful” is a new one.

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