Test Your Knowledge About Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers Boston Celtics fans know a lot about head coach Doc Rivers.

For instance, they know about his coaching accolades. They know that he's won 50 games as head coach of the C's three times, winning 60 of them twice. Fans probably also know that he won 40 games four different times in Orlando before winning 45 in his first season in Boston. And of course, there was that NBA title he won in 2007.

Fans also know about his playing days. An Atlanta Hawk and New York Knick for much of his on-court career, Rivers was not surprisingly one of the better point guards in the NBA during his career.

Celtics followers may even know the reputation Rivers has in the television world as a fine analyst. Many know about his son, Austin Rivers, who is by many accounts, the most highly touted high school basketball player in America.

Fans know a lot about Doc, but do they know the coach's actual first name?


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