Test Your Knowledge of Tragic Moments in Celtics History


October 10, 2010

Test Your Knowledge of Tragic Moments in Celtics History The Boston Celtics have experienced a tremendous amount of success over the past few seasons, but there have been some dark times in the team?s history as well and not just on the court.

In 1986, the Celtics selected Len Bias, a power forward out of Maryland, with the second overall pick in the NBA draft. Bias had compiled over 2,100 points and 740 rebounds in college, was viewed as an NBA-ready force, and was supposed to inject some youth into an aging Celtics roster.

Bias never got the chance to don a Celtics? uniform, however, as he died from a cocaine overdose just two days after being drafted.

The Celtics suffered another loss early in the 2006-2007 season, when longtime coach and president Red Auerbach died of a heart attack at age 89. The Celtics honored Auerbach?s memory throughout the season, wearing a commemorative patch on their uniforms and eventually naming their home court the ?Red Auerbach Parquet Floor.?

But perhaps the most infamous Celtics? tragedy came right before the 1993-94 season.  After serving as a member of the C?s for six years and making his first All-Star squad in 1992, this Northeastern product tragically died of cardiac arrest.

Do you know which Celtic passed away while practicing in the 1993 offseason?

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