49ers Guard Chilo Rachal Lost Starting Job Due to Child’s Birth

Chilo Rachal Jr. entered the world at eight pounds and 22 inches last week. That event, however, cost his namesake his starting job for the San Francisco 49ers — albeit temporarily.

Chilo Rachal Sr. alerted coach Mike Singletary in advance as to what was going on, but such was not good enough for the hard-nosed coach, according to Scout.com.

"The bottom line is, Chilo missed the Friday practice," Singletary said. "He let me know the day before that there was a chance that would happen. I thought it was fair to our offense, our coordinator and our quarterback to start [Adam] Snyder. There were little changes we made that Chilo was not in tune with."

While Singletary dismissed Rachal's absence as being for "personal reasons," the guard understood the decision.

"I missed those two days," Rachal said. "It’s all good. We got the ‘W,’ and that’s all that matters."

Ultimately, Snyder injured his shoulder, meaning that the 49ers' right guard spot ended up back in the hands of the new father.

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