Adding Randy Moss Could Solve Redskins’ Troubles


The Washington Redskins are becoming a quickly cooked chicken — the exterior burns while the inside is still raw.

Blame Donovan McNabb all you want, but the 33-year-old quarterback has consistently put the team in a position to win. His stats aren't pretty, but he's made big throws and made plays with his feet. Sure he could play better, but like the burnt chicken, he's just the exterior.

The real problem with the Redskins is their shaky defense and lack of playmakers on offense. While the passing game ranks in the middle among the 32 NFL teams, the rushing attack is ranked only 24th. More importantly, the defense falls in the lower third in most categories.

At 4-4, the Redskins still have a legitimate chance of making the playoffs. The team brought in McNabb to win now, not plan for the future, and it's too early to jump ship by bringing in someone like JaMarcus Russell. Instead, there are some quick fixes the Redskins can make in order to stay the course.

Running back Ryan Torain has filled in well for a banged-up Clinton Portis, but the Redskins still aren't running the ball enough. Torain does have a recent hamstring injury, but he's expected to return in Week 10 following the Redskins' bye week. If head coach Mike Shanahan and his son, offensive coordinator, Kyle start running the ball more, McNabb will have less pressure to force throws and he would cut down on turnovers. Plus, as Torain and Portis get healthy, chewing up more clock would ease the burden on the defense.

But here's the real fix– bring in Randy Moss.

The offense desperately needs a big-time receiver. Santana Moss and Anthony Armstrong are slightly above average, but adding Randy Moss would really open up the offense. McNabb specializes in throwing the deep ball, which Randy Moss loves, and Joey Galloway no longer has the wheels to play that role. During Moss' short run in Minnesota, his presence helped Percy Harvin excel by drawing away defenders. In Washington, Moss would probably have a similar effect on the rookie Armstrong.

The Redskins need to turn the heat down on McNabb, add in the spice of Moss, and the team could wind up in the playoffs.

Do you think McNabb or Moss works in Washington? Share your thoughts below.

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