Derek Jeter’s agent isn’t happy with how the Yankees have negotiated with his client so far. In fact, he’s "baffled."

Agent Casey Close told the press that he doesn’t understand why the Yankees are trying to play hardball with a player that has been the face of their franchise since the mid-1990s.

"There's a reason the Yankees themselves have stated Derek Jeter is their modern-day Babe Ruth," Close told the New York Daily News. "Derek's significance to the team is much more than just stats. And yet, the Yankees' negotiating strategy remains baffling."

The Yankees have reportedly offered Jeter a three-year, $45 million contract, but Jeter is looking for a more long-term deal.

"[The Yankees] continue to argue their points in the press and refuse to acknowledge Derek's total contribution to their franchise," Close continued.

There have been no reports of offers by any other team so far.