Bill Hall Always Starts His Day With a Cup of Starbucks It doesn't matter which way you're headed when you start your day, it's always better to kick it off with a cup of joe.

That's how Bill Hall prefers to start his game day, with a quick walk to the local Starbucks to get his morning cup of coffee. Once Hall gets to the clubhouse, he gets into game mode. He starts the afternoon with some batting practice before heading into the clubhouse to watch footage of the pitcher he's facing that night.

Once the game starts, Hall has just one superstition: never touch the lines.

"I'm not very superstitious, but the ones I have are pretty important to me," Hall said. "So I try and hold to them."

To hear more of Hall's game day rituals, check out the video below. Also be sure to tune in to Hall's upcoming episode of After the Game: Work Hard, Live Well, Give Back, airing Friday at 5:30 p.m.