Brett Favre Nearly Knocked Into Retirement by Myron Pryor, Patriots (Photos)


Brett Favre Nearly Knocked Into Retirement by Myron Pryor, Patriots (Photos) When Brett Favre took a shot from Myron Pryor straight to the chin and subsequently needed three men to carry him off the field and hold his jaw in place before being carted off the field while snuggled up closely with a member of the Vikings training staff, many folks watching at home figured he had a concussion or dislocated jaw or some other serious injury that would threaten his career.

As it turns out, he just had a little boo-boo — one that required eight stitches.

How many hockey players were laughing when they heard that?

So while Favre may be the first man in the history of Earth to require a cart following a cut to his chin, he said he’ll be ready to play next week against the Cardinals. He also pretty much said he’s unbelievable.

“I was shocked that I was able to play and move around the way I was,” Favre said, apparently impressed by his own superhuman abilities. “I don’t know what to say. The foot is still broken — it is a clear break. It probably should hurt worse than it does. I don’t know what to say.”

Favre also gushed about how tough he is.

“Now, talk to me in 10 years and we may think differently, but then again, we may not,” Favre said. “Here I am, 20 years, I don’t know how many games — a lot — and I still feel like I can play at a high level, getting hit like that. I think what would keep most guys out for a long time obviously hasn’t kept me out. Call it dumb, call it hard-headed, call it what you want, maybe all of the above. I love to compete.”

Fortunately for humanity, he stopped short of using Terrell Owens‘ famous quote, “I love me some me.”

Patriots fans, on the contrary, simply loved watching Favre get hit and look old, as they gave a hearty cheer as the ol’ gunslinger was helped off the field.

Click here to check out some photos of Brett Favre getting beaten up by the Patriots >>

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