Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas’ Thanksgiving Meal a Little Different Than Average Family’s

Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas' Thanksgiving Meal a Little Different Than Average Family's When it comes to Thanksgiving, the Bruins aren't any different than the rest of us. Come Thursday afternoon, they'll being tearing into their feasts of turkey, stuffing and ham. Ham?

Well, that one might not be a staple of most family spreads on Thanksgiving, but when did you ever know a goalie to do anything a normal way?

"Everybody loves the food," said Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas. "My mom's always made me a ham because I like it better than turkey, though since I've become an adult I've come to appreciate turkey more. But I still love to have both of them."

Thomas doesn't stop at the double main course though. He makes sure to leave room for plenty of fixings as well, both the traditional ones and some more unique offerings.

"It might be the only time of the year I eat stuffing, but I really like stuffing," said Thomas.

"And there's something we call 'green salad,' but it's not salad," added Thomas, making sure the delicacy wasn't confused with an actual healthy course of vegetables. "It's marshmallows and walnuts and stuff like that. It's got pineapple and walnuts in it, those are healthy, right?"

It can't be any worse for the waistline than Milan Lucic attacking the gravy boat, but at least the bruising young winger limits himself to one day of a gorging a year.

"I have to say the gravy," said Lucic. "I think that's the only time of the year I actually get to eat gravy, and I'm a big gravy fan. Obviously you want to stay away from it as much as you can, but when you do get an opportunity to have it you want to treat yourself."

Lucic will be one of many Bruins spending the day at Shawn Thornton's home, as the Bruins tough guy and his wife, Erin, invite all the players without family in town to spend the holiday with them. Thornton will let Lucic have all the gravy he wants, just as long as he keeps his mitts off Thornton's heaping helping of stuffing.

"The stuffing, that's the most important part," said Thornton. "That's all I care about. I'm not a huge turkey eater, but I love stuffing."

And when it comes who makes the best stuffing, Thornton proves that while he may be a fighter on the ice, he's a skilled diplomat away from the rink.

"It's my wife's," said Thornton. "I don't know where she got [the recipe] from. My mom made pretty good stuffing too growing up, but I'm going to give it to the wife because she's the one that feeds me now."

Defenseman Dennis Seidenberg may want to take some pointers. His wife, Rebecca, is from America and introduced him to our country's Thanksgiving traditions, though Seidenberg may want to work on his enthusiasm for the finished product of her labors in the kitchen.

"I think it's got to be the traditional turkey, and my wife does a decent job with it," said Seidenberg of his favorite part of the meal. "So that's what I'm looking forward to."

For coach Claude Julien, it's less about who makes the dishes and more about how many he can sample. Ever the strategist, Julien was busy coming up with a game plan to maximize his holiday eating opportunities.

"I've been invited to a couple places, so it's about timing it so I can get a little bit here and a little bit there," said Julien. "I love turkey. Turkey and mashed potatoes, that's right down my alley."

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