Charlie Villanueva ‘Exposes’ Kevin Garnett for Calling Him ‘Cancer Patient’


Charlie Villanueva 'Exposes' Kevin Garnett for Calling Him 'Cancer Patient' Kevin Garnett said this preseason that he’s not into Facebook or Twitter because he likes to keep private as much of his life as he can. Unfortunately for him, Charlie Villanueva feels differently.

The Pistons’ power forward felt the wrath of Garnett on Tuesday night, as the latter is one of the most-renowned trash talkers in sports.

Villanueva, however, took exception to what Garnett apparently said on Tuesday.

“KG called me a cancer patient,” Villanueva tweeted. “I’m pissed because, u know how many people died from cancer, and he’s tossing it like it’s a joke.”

Villanueva, unfazed by getting outplayed by Garnett and losing at home to the Celtics by 23 points, is now motivated to beat Garnett.

“KG talks alot of crap, he’s prob never been in a fight,” he wrote. “I would love to get in a ring with him, I will expose him.”

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Charlie Villanueva 'Exposes' Kevin Garnett for Calling Him 'Cancer Patient'

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