Edgar Renteria Ready to Bring MVP Trophy to Giants’ World Series Parade


November 2, 2010

Edgar Renteria Ready to Bring MVP Trophy to Giants' World Series Parade There is not one man, woman or child from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who saw this one coming.

Edgar Renteria, the 35-year-old shortstop who hit three home runs and drove in 22 runs all season long, is the World Series MVP.

In the words of Joe Castiglione, can you believe it?

Not many people can, especially those who watched him play for the Red Sox in 2005. That year, he hit a decent .276 but made 30 errors in the field and earned the nickname “Rent-a-Wreck.”

Now, 13 years after his base hit to win the World Series for the Florida Marlins, his three-run homer has won the World Series for the Giants. Now, when the Giants parade through San Francisco on Wednesday, he’ll have a new shiny piece of hardware to show off.

It’s funny how sports can work sometimes.

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Edgar Renteria Ready to Bring MVP Trophy to Giants' World Series Parade

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“I dreamed it to happen and then it happened, so I can’t really explain it.”
–Giants closer Brian Wilson, on his pitch that ended the World Series

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Well, that makes one of us.

“I like Randy Moss — always will. I don’t see him as a big head case at all, not like Terrell Owens.”

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This is the tamest college party of all time. Also, the kid in the front row maybe oughtta lay off the Red Bull next time.

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