Five Questions With David Ortiz David Ortiz is a big man, and he also has a big heart.

The Red Sox’ slugger is hosting his third annual Celebrity Golf Classic in the Dominican Republic from Dec. 2-5, and he’s got quite the guest list.

In anticipation of the event, has already asked a few questions to Dustin Pedroia, Sean Casey, Luis Tiant and others. You can see what they had to say by clicking here, but for now, let’s hear what the host has to say.

1. What’s harder: hitting a 97-mph fastball or hitting a golf ball that’s sitting still on the tee?
A fastball. I can hit a golf ball but I don’t think a lot of golfers could hit a 97-mph fastball.

2. What is the impact you try to have with children through your charity work?
I want to have a positive impact and make a difference in a child’s life.

3. You’ve lived in Boston for quite some time now. What are your favorite parts about the city?
I love where I live, the ballpark, the downtown area. I enjoy the restaurants and the city itself. I love the people and the area!

4. Which current Red Sox pitcher would you least like to face?
All of them!

5. What’s the feeling you have when you look at all the athletes and celebrities that you got to take time out of their lives to head down to the Dominican for your cause?
I feel so appreciated because these people come to support something I care so much for. I know it’s hard for everyone to make the trip and take time from their schedules for my event.

The third annual David Ortiz Celebrity Golf Classic is Dec. 2-5 at the Punta Espada Golf Club in the Dominican Republic. Click here for more information. If you will be unable to attend the event, you can participate in the online auction.