Burning, Looting and Rioting No Way for Sports Fans to Celebrate a Championship


Burning, Looting and Rioting No Way for Sports Fans to Celebrate a Championship Hey, your team just won a championship. What are you going to do?

I’m going to riot.

It’s not quite the happiest-place-on-earth-we’re-all-going-to-Disney-World message you remember from childhood, but that’s how the kids are celebrating these days.

San Francisco Giants fans are the latest to get in on the act. After the Giants won the World Series, Bay Area residents took to the streets to express their joy by starting fires, vandalizing property and attacking each other.

What better way to show appreciation for being on top of the world? Nothing says thank you like mass destruction.

Giants fans aren’t the first to raise a ruckus and behave like hooligans.

In June, Lakers fans turned Los Angeles into a scene out of Blade Runner, smashing windows, hurling rocks, destroying cars and wrecking the city by any antisocial means possible.

After all, a party isn’t a party without police in full-body armor, wielding billy clubs, unloading tear gas and preventing downtown from morphing into Baghdad circa 2005.

But before you condemn California, remember that rioting after a big win is not relegated to the Golden State. Montreal Canadiens fans have rioted (after a mere playoff series win). Chicago Blackhawk fans have rioted. Pittsburgh Steeler fans have rioted. And the list goes on and on.

Even Boston Celtics and Boston Red Sox fans are guilty.

There are many great traditions in sports. Rioting after a team wins a championship isn’t one of them.

Unfortunately, unleashing chaos has become a rite of passage as commonplace as throwing a victory parade.

Nowadays, bigger headlines would be made if there wasn’t a riot after a team won a big game: Fans Sing in Streets, Dance in Streets, Don’t Ruin Streets.

Celebrating responsibly is a novel idea, but America was founded on innovative thinking.

Is another revolution possible? Can wild exuberance not devolve into mindless violence?

Maybe Patriots fans can show the world how it’s done in February.

What are some better ways to celebrate championship besides rioting? Share your thoughts below.

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