Have you ever wanted to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal like Celtics forward Glen Davis? Thanksgiving is always time for a big meal, but no one likes it bigger than Big Baby.

The turkey, the stuffing, the potatoes — it's all good stuff, but to Big Baby, the best part of the meal comes at the end. Baby's a dessert man.

"I like the pecan pie," Davis said. "We order it from Pie in the Sky, the bakery in Maine."

As for guard Delonte West, he had another take on Thanksgiving dinner — a more inventive one, to be sure.

"We hunt in my family," he said. "So I like to have a little deer meat. We do the turkey, too, but there's nothing quite like going out and shooting yourself an eight-pointer, gutting him, slicing him up and eating him."

There you have it. To many, Thanksgiving is about family, friends and a nice cut of poultry; in the West family, the highlight of the meal is the venison.

Different strokes for different folks. When you're biting into your delicious turkey on Thursday, you can picture Delonte West sinking his teeth into a different kind of Thanksgiving delicacy.

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