Hines Ward left Sunday night's game against the Patriots after taking a shot from James Sanders in the first quarter. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, though, the receiver thinks Patrick Chung deserves to be fined.

"I was falling down and I wasn't expecting to get hit," Ward said, according to the newspaper's website. "He hit me, and that is what caused the head, neck [injury] or whatever you guys want to call it. I don't know what the league wants. It is what it is. It was helmet-to-helmet, and I thought that is what usually causes a fine. I am not going to sit there and worry about if the guy got fined or not."

Though the story says Chung deserves to be fined, it was Sanders who quite clearly initiated helmet-to-helmet contact with Ward on his way to the ground.

The report notes that fines typically aren't known to the public until Friday.

Ward was once on the other end of the equation, when he blindsided Keith Rivers and broke the linebacker's jaw.