Sir Alex Ferguson has drawn a line in the sand, and it’s a pretty definitive one.

The 68-year-old Manchester United manager recently said that he’s still got a lot left in him and retirement is not in his future, according to

“Retirement is for young people,” he said. “If you retire when you’re old, where do you go next? I would not quit unless my health deteriorated — that would be the only way for me to go. If I get off that treadmill where do you think I’d go go — only one way, down.”

Ferguson has pretty much seen it all in 24 years at Old Trafford and stressed the importance of the process that he’s gone through in the last quarter-century, something that may be of note for new Liverpool ownership.

“Anyone can build a team, and that’s fine in the short term. What I wanted to do, and what all managers should do is build a football club. All the way up from the bottom.”