Mike Milbury wants Colin Campbell to apologize.

In a blog on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s website, Milbury wrote that Campbell owes an apology to Marc Savard, the NHLPA, the fans and his son, Bruins forward Gregory Campbell.

Campbell sent several e-mails to former director of officiating Stephen Walkom about referees who gave his son a penalty that ended with the other team scoring a late tying goal. Campbell, who also called Marc Savard a “fake artist,” has repeatedly said that he did nothing wrong and was only being a curious father.

The NHL defended Campbell, but Milbury called the response from the NHL offices “public relations BS.”

“Enough with the ‘we did nothing wrong, we are men of integrity’ spiel,” wrote the former Bruins defenseman and coach. “A simple admission of making a mistake will do.”

Campbell said that he has learned a lesson about the privacy of e-mails, but doesn’t see any need to apologize for what happened.

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