NESN Readers Voice Displeasure with David Stern, NBA Referees


NESN Readers Voice Displeasure with David Stern, NBA Referees The results are in and looks like NBA fans are fed up with David Stern and NBA officials. asked readers to share their thoughts on what could be done to improve basketball, and the fans had plenty to say.

Readers want more accountability from refs and fair oversight of the game (sounds similar to Wall Street regulation). Many think the game has become too controlled and that the game is declining as a result.

Here's some of the best comments:

"David Stern is the biggest problem. He is killing the game with all his bull new T rules and allowing the refs WAY TO much control. Retire already!" -Fed Up

"1 – Start fineing refs 10 grand a pop when they blow a call that's right in front of them, show obvious bias, or give superstar calls. 

2 – Lose the new technical rule. The fans know when the refs are screwing up, we don't need the players to show us. This doesn't cover anything up the way Stern thought it would.

3 – Get rid of the zone defense. Basketball was so much better before!" -Mark

1) No more ticky tac fouls.
2) Do away with continuation.
3) Add some kind of reward/punishment system for refs. I know calls will be missed, but their consistency sucks. A foul on 1 team/player should apply to the other team/players
4) Ease off on the technicals.
5) Add rules against flopping.
6) Teach them Lebron James can be called for charges.
7) Teach them a player running into a screener is not a moving pick.
8) Same group of officials stays with the same matchup for each round of the playoffs (e.g. same group would officiate each game of the ECF)
1) In playoffs reset technicals after each round.
2) Widen the court, there is too little space between the 3 point line and the sideline." -JD

"I would end a lot of the "ticky-tack" foul calls and would instruct the officials not to be so quick to issue the technical fouls. I understand some players whine a lot, but the officials and the league need to remember that the fans pay big money to see the players, not the officials. No, they shouldn't tolerate disrespect from the players, but they should allow a certain degree of "discussion" on calls. Also, I think that the old-fashioned play of hand-checking should be allowed again, as it is just too easy for offenses to score and too difficult to defend in the league today." -Harrmavro

"1) NBA Gametime 2010-11 (iPhone Mobile app) pissed off loyal fans right at tip-off. They should acknowledge it, respond to fans needs and deliver a QUALITY mobile product.

2) FINE offending Teams for fouls NOT called during game. Call it Leaque Quality control. Why? Fouls are NOT being called on star players during games. Period. There is no equity on which players are penalized or officials objectivity. How?
– joint committee reviews game videos
– bi-weekly results of fouls are announced by the league by Team (not player/official)
– assess fines to the Team $5K per foul
– Teams that have lowest total PRIOR to the post-season gets a "Respect for the Game" award

Allowing stars to have different behavior on court on top of having great individual talents is anti competitive and bad sportsmanship.

Best thing – you can start today." -Nanette

"refs should be fined for making assumption calls that the super star is fouled, when it is obviously not the case. (makes nba no better than the wwe)" -bill w.

"When a tea[m] loses possession due to a shot clock violation and the other team clearly has possession don't stop the play." -Jay

"David Stern is the problem. He gives the refs too much authority. The NBA has some of the worst refs to begin with. They're more personally biased than any other sport. I love watching, but it seems that all that goes on are T fouls and free throws. Stop slowing down the game! I understand that calls need to be made, but they should be made when the foul is blatant or intentional. Or just get rid of the refs and use the replay function. They don't have to show it all the time on TV, just have the booth watch the game and call from there." -Sports Girl


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