Patriots Looking Forward to Thanksgiving Meal in Addition to Game Against Lions

Patriots Looking Forward to Thanksgiving Meal in Addition to Game Against Lions FOXBORO, Mass. — Football players love a good meal, and Thanksgiving is a holiday that is certainly conducive to some fine eating. So, even though the Patriots will be playing the Lions on Thursday, they still reflected on their favorite part of their Thanksgiving meal.

Wide receiver Wes Welker: Probably the stuffing — or dressing, depending on where you're from — that my grandmother makes. It's pretty good. It's called dressing down south. It's called stuffing up here.

Tight end Aaron Hernandez: One hundred percent, rice and beans. That’s got to be it, definitely, and a full plate of it with extra hot sauce. You could throw some chicken in there, and the rice, and you could have some turkey with a little bit of gravy. Some people like stuffing. I'm not a huge fan of stuffing. I use a fork to eat all of that. I definitely like a Dr Pepper with that meal, and maybe my second drink would be a root beer. That would be my perfect Thanksgiving.

Running back Fred Taylor: I make the fried turkey. I fry it like a Cajun style, a Creole style fried turkey, so that’s my job. The fried turkey, macaroni and cheese, the stuffing, collard greens, but the stuffing with the cranberry sauce, of course. I don’t really need much more. If you threw a dessert in there, it would probably be a pecan pie or something, but not much more. I'm all easy. If I just had the macaroni and cheese and the turkey, maybe some collard greens, I'll be cool. And then some good napping. I take the best naps on Thanksgiving.

Cornerback Kyle Arrington: My mom, she throws down. It's actually the first year that my sister is taking over doing the cooking duty. My mom has been doing it for 40 years. My sister is going to try to make what my mom normally makes, but it's normally macaroni and cheese, candy yams, smoked turkey and regular turkey, greens, potato salad, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, stuffing, you name it.

Quarterback Brian Hoyer: My wife is cooking this year for the first time. Last year, we did it together, but since we're playing, she'll be cooking while we're gone. So we kind of planned out the menu and she's in charge of that. My favorite part of the meal is probably the sweet potato casserole that we make. It's got the marshmallows on top. Obviously, the turkey, but I'll go with that as the side dish.

Wide receiver Matthew Slater: Between my mom and my dad when they cook, turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing and all of the traditional foods. I definitely miss their cooking.

Long snapper Matt Katula: My grandpa's stuffing is something that can never be replicated, and it's something I always look forward to.

Defensive lineman Kyle Love: My favorite Thanksgiving meal is anything that’s on the table. Most likely, it's either my momma that’s making or my auntie. I'd have to say whatever they make.

Running back Danny Woodhead: I like prime rib. I like turkey, but prime rib is a switch-up that we've had in our family every once in awhile. I love a little prime rib. My mom has [made it] in the past, and my wife.

Linebacker Tracy White: My mom makes turkey, collard greens, macaroni, sweet potato fries. That’s the best.

Defensive lineman Myron Pryor: I like chitlins, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, rolls, cranberry sauce, sweet potato pie.

Linebacker Rob Ninkovich: Going over to the family's place and having turkey, stuffing, all of that. I love green bean casserole. That’s my favorite. My least favorite thing is that cranberry sauce. It's like Jell-O in a can. It's awful.

Punter Zoltan Mesko: Probably my mom's Thanksgiving dinner. She makes good stuffing, and I love canned cranberry, the Jell-O stuff. I love that stuff.

Linebacker Dane Fletcher: I'm not even a big turkey guy for some reason. I hate turkey, but my mom always makes turkey. She makes a whole bunch of prime rib, too, so I'm a big fan of prime rib.

Running back Sammy Morris: Turkey with the cranberry. Not with the pieces of cranberry, just the flat jelly stuff, the old-school kind. That’s what we had growing up.

Offensive lineman Ryan Wendell: Fried turkey from Logan Mankins. The past two years, I've gone to his place. He fries those turkeys, and those things are awesome.

Defensive lineman Gerard Warren: Fried turkey from my mother.

Wide receiver Deion Branch: Probably something my mom or my wife cooks, but mainly my wife. That’s why I married her. I can't marry my mom. Everything she cooks. She's a great cook. She takes care of business in the kitchen.

Safety Patrick Chung: Anything my parents or my brother cooks, I'm eating that. It's always good.

Kicker Shayne Graham: My mom's turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes. One of my friend's mom's makes collard greens. I just tried that the last few years and loved it. But my mom's turkey and gravy is always amazing. It's something I really haven’t had a whole lot of. Usually we'll do it, but it's usually delayed after the fact or something because I'm never home for Thanksgiving. It's hard to beat hers.

Safety Jarrad Page: My favorite Thanksgiving meal is everything, turkey, stuffing, candy yams, macaroni and cheese, and that would be from either my fiancée or my mom. It doesn’t matter which one of them cooks it.

Running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis: I like sweet potato pie. That’s kind of my meal. Everybody else eats stuffing and turkey. I just want my sweet potato pie. That’s it.

Offensive lineman Quinn Ojinnaka: My wife's macaroni and cheese is pretty good.

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