Penny Hardaway Hopeful Return to NBA Is Still Possible


After being out of the NBA for three years, 39-year-old Penny Hardaway feels he can make a comeback and give a team leadership. 

Hardaway had undeniable talent throughout his career until a few injuries hit and knocked him out of the spotlight. After several failed comebacks, the point guard gave up on his dream to end his career with a few championships and a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Although most people have forgotten about Hardaway by now, he still has hopes to get back out on the NBA courts.

"It?s not about money," Hardaway said. "I saved my money, have all the money that I want. God has blessed me with that. It?s really just the love of the game."

Hardaway has hoped to receive a call from an NBA team since his short time with the Heat in 2006. He has resorted to sitting courtside at Grizzlies games, hoping for an opportunity to return to the game and be a leader would soon arise

"I still love the game and I feel like I deserve that chance, but at 39, everybody?s looking at the age,? Hardaway said. ?They?re not looking at it as if I can still play."

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