Peyton Manning’s Career-Long Struggles in New England Continue


November 22, 2010

Peyton Manning's Career-Long Struggles in New England Continue It's not often that Peyton Manning throws three interceptions in a game.

When he does, though, it's generally in New England.

The quarterback, who's made 220 career starts, has thrown three interceptions or more just 15 times (6.8 percent). Of those 15 games, five have come against the Patriots, with all of them taking place in New England.

Sunday's game was by far his best performance of that group, as seen below:

Date Location Completions Attempts Yards TD INT Result
9-13-98 Foxboro Stadium 21 33 188 1 3 Loss, 29-6
10-8-00 Foxboro Stadium 31 54 334 1 3 Loss, 24-16
9-30-01 Foxboro Stadium 20 34 196 1 3 Loss, 44-13
1-18-04 Gillette Stadium 23 47 237 1 4 Loss, 24-14
11-21-10 Gillette Stadium 38 52 396 4 3 Loss, 31-28

The only other team against which Manning has thrown three or more interceptions multiple times is Miami, which has forced three picks from Manning on three separate occasions. New Orleans, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, San Diego, Denver and Kansas City have each done so once.

Not surprisingly, the Colts are 2-13 in those games. Interestingly, though, the only regular-season, three-interception game that Manning won came when he threw four touchdowns against Denver in December. His four touchdowns against the Patriots on Sunday were almost enough to eke out a victory, but ultimately, the third pick did him and the Colts in.

It's also noteworthy that nine of the 15 games have come on the road. Sunday's loss could mean that the 6-4 Colts will be traveling come playoff time, and they likely won't be looking forward to a potential trip back to New England.

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