Poll: What is the Most Exciting Holiday Tradition in Professional Sports? The NFL and Thanksgiving Day have gone hand-in-hand for years. There's nothing quite like falling into a food coma on the couch while watching grown men bash into each other on the gridiron.

But the combination of Thanksgiving and football is not the only sports tradition that mingles with the holiday season.

Another long-standing tradition is the NBA on Christmas Day. Similar to the NFL it's an all-day event that matches up some of the league's best teams. The Los Angeles Lakers have appeared in the most Christmas Day matchups, leading the league with 36 appearances. The Celtics will again be a part of the holiday festivities this season, as they hope to bring Boston fans an extra gift with a win over the Orlando Magic.

Then again, there's nothing like baseball in the summer, and what day better than the Fourth of July? You can't get more patriotic than enjoying a hot dog and a cold beer while watching the National Pastime, and what better way to cap off the night is there than with a few fireworks at the ballpark?

Or is it the more recent tradition established in the hockey world? The NHL Winter Classic has quickly become one of the most exciting events of the season, especially with the old-school outdoor effect — bonus points if it snows.  

Needless to say, sports and holidays were made for one another, but which holiday tradition is the most exciting to you?

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