The Jets may be one of the best teams in the NFL, but they are a distant second in their new stadium.

The Jets are currently 2-2 at home. They have scored four total touchdowns on offense in the New Meadowlands Stadium in four games; three of those touchdowns came against New England.

Head coach Rex Ryan is calling on all Jets fans in attendance to show up early and help motivate a team that has struggled to get going early in games.

"I'm challenging our offense. I'm challenging our fans. I'm challenging everybody, myself included, to start fast," Ryan said, according to the New York Post. "Let [the Texans] know we're here. Our team is going to let Houston know that we're here and our fans will also."

Veteran Damien Woody realizes his team hasn't been lighting the scoreboard up, but hopes to change that Sunday against the Texans.

"Offensively, we've got to come out and score points, score touchdowns, and do it early to get our fans energized right from the get-go," he said.

It's been rough at home this season for the Jets, as they failed to score a single touchdown in their two home losses, losing to the Ravens 10-9 and Packers 9-0.

"We haven't really given them much to be excited about," receiver Braylon Edwards said.

Ryan is looking to establish a home-field advantage now. He doesn't want his team to earn home-field advantage for the playoffs and not have 77,000 rabid fans there to greet Gang Green.

"We're going to make this a home-field advantage. That's what you work for," said Ryan. "That's why you try to get all the wins you can in the regular season — you hope you host some playoff games. I think this [the Meadowlands] is going to be a huge home-field advantage."